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    Development of Stainless Steel in China

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    With the rapid development of the national economy, the improvement of people's living standards after the mid-1990s has led to the consumption demand of stainless steel sheets. However, China has found that the original stainless steel production technology and equipment can not meet the market demand. In order to improve the production of stainless steel, the state has issued relevant policies to support vigorously. First, the state policy supports state-owned enterprises to invest in the development of stainless steel (especially Shanxi Taigang and Shanghai Baosteel), secondly, encourages foreign-funded enterprises to invest in the construction of stainless steel factories, and thirdly, market economy guides private enterprises to develop stainless steel. Under such circumstances, China's stainless steel industry has developed rapidly.

    Domestic production of stainless steel was in the early 1950s, which started earlier, but developed slowly. In addition, the production of stainless steel, the quality of stainless steel products, the matching supply and the structure of stainless steel grades are far behind those of developed countries. With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for stainless steel in the steel market continues to increase. In 2003, China became the largest stainless steel consumer market in the world, and also the fastest growing country in stainless steel production. In 2003, the output of stainless steel increased 105% year on year, making China the third largest stainless steel producer in Asia. The growth of stainless steel is 1.5-2.0 times that of a country's GDP, so the development of stainless steel is closely related to the economic situation of a country [14].